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Welcome to the Good Carport Guide

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Carport...


Buying a Carport Is a big investment, and with so many different options on the market today, it can seem a daunting task.


To help you make an informed decision and choose the perfect carport to suit your needs, we at Kent Carports have put together this comprehensive guide that will take you through all the different options available to you and provide advice to help you identify what to look for when choosing your perfect carport...


We hope you find this helpful!

Guardian- Carport

When looking for a carport, the first thing you probably notice is the wide range of construction materials that these structures can be made from including Timber, Steel, Aluminium, PVC and Fibre Glass (GRP)


Styles also range from cantilever, lean-to and freestanding.  With such a lot to choose from, making a decision about which carport is right for you can be difficult, and ultimately expensive if you choose the wrong one.                                                  

The carport frame work will effect both the look and the durability of the structure.  

There are many materials to choose from and it is important to choose one

which will suit your property and look attractive, and also provide strong,

safe and durable structure.

Sample Construction

PVC is used by a large amount of glazing companies because it is mass produced and so it is relatively cheap.  However it requires maintaining, it expands and contracts depending on its exposure to sunlight and it can create leaks in your roof if not profesionally installed.


Timber, as it is a natural product and renewable source, timber is the most

environmentally friendly product. Timber carports are relatively good value

however if untreated they can rot and there is a risk of warping.


Aluminium, Is a very durable metal, which is also strong and lightweight; It is also 100% recyclable. It is a very cost effective construction material as it has a minimum of a 25 year life expectancy and it is resistant to corrosion in most environments.  It only requires minimal maintenance and will stay in good condition for many years.  This material is perfect for carports and veranda canopies and is quick to install.

Kent Carports

Carport Designs


Wall Mounted carport is the most cost effective and popular option.  These can be positioned to provide uninterrupted cover from your vehicle to your door, also the legs can usually be placed to enable your car doors to open uninterrupted.


Cantilever are designed so that the structure is supported from one side, and all the weight is supported by the brickwork of your house, please make sure you check the wind and snow loading capabilities of a cantilever carport for your area.  We recommend you seek profesional advice from a structural engineer before bolting a cantilever carport to your home.


Free Standing Carports offer flexibility as they do not need to be fixed to a supporting wall, however because they have twice as many posts they can be expensive and so they are not the most cost effective.

Other Important Elements to Consider;


Guttering and Downpipes, We recommend choosing a carport that includes guttering and downpipes that are integral to the structure, this will ensure rainwater is directed to a specific location rather than running off the roof haphazardly and causing puddles around your carport.


Hailstone resistance, Although they do not happen that often, hailstorms can cause considerable damage so it is best to make sure the carport you are considering is resistant to hailstones.  The roof is the most likey part to be damaged by hail so we recommend choosing a roofing material that has high impact resistance, such as polycarbonate and toughened safety glass, and a thickness that is not going to collapse under extreme snow loadings, we recommend a minimum of 16mm polycarbonate and 6mm toughened safety glass.


Wind and Snow loading calculations, It is very important that you choose a carport company that will calculate the snow and wind loadings for your specific area, please make sure you insist on the company that supplies your carport does this as it is a vital part of the design of a strong and safe carport.


Building Regulations and Planning Permission, Building a new attached carport (open on at least two sides) would not normally require building regulation approval if it is less than 35 square metres in floor area, however we would recommend speaking to your local building control officer to confirm the exact requirements of your property.


Planning Permission, Similarly carports under 35 square metres do not usually require planning permission, however this is dependent on your properties exact location.  It is advisable to contact your local planning authority to check the specific planning requirements for your property.

Cost the cost of a carport can influence your choice; However it is not always the best policy to buy the cheapest product on the market unless you are satisfied the product is of excellent quality and will last for many years.  Always choose a superior product that will add value to your property and serve you well for many years working out as cost effective in the long term.


Guarantee as a carport can be an expensive purchase it is wise to choose one that will last and give you best value for money.  A carport that comes with a good guarantee is a reliable indicator that the carport has been designed and built to last and the company is confident in the structures durability.


Why Buy a Carport?  

  • Protects your vehicle from leaves , sap from trees, bird droppings, rain, snow, frost, dust and UV rays.

  • Reduces the amount of ice on your car in winter

  • Provides an easy access covered area

  • It can certainly add value to you property

  • Allows you to move between car and house under cover

  • Easy to load your car in wet weather

  • Makes a perfect area to maintain your vehicles


Why Choose our Carports?

  • Our Carports are manufactured from the highest quality materials available.

  • All our installations are calculated for wind and snow loadings for your specific address.

  • All our frames are made from aluminium and powder coated including stainless steel fixings.

  • Our Polycarbonate roofing materials are minimum of 16mm thick for strength and longevity.

  • We pride ourselves on good old fashioned service putting the customer first.

  • We offer industry leading guarantees.

  • Our carports are excellent value for money.



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